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Sour Amnesia Littles 2oz Sour Amnesia Littles 2oz
THC: 20.10 % CBD: 0.05 %

Fresh green house from the central coast this organic specimen shows some of the flaws that true pesticide free healthy medicine can portray. Compassionate pricing from the cultivator makes this an excellent choice for those on a budget

Orange Tree Smalls 1oz Orange Tree Smalls 1oz
THC: 20.80 % CBD: 0.04 %
Cherry AK-47 1/2oz Cherry AK-47 1/2oz
THC: 22.60 % CBD: 0.06 %
Citrus Sunrise Smalls 1oz Citrus Sunrise Smalls 1oz
THC: 20.70 % CBD: 0.06 %
Headstash Chiquita Banana Headstash Chiquita Banana
THC: 31.10 % CBD: 0.07 %


Badfish Platinum 5g Pack Badfish Platinum 5g Pack

Five grams of platinum Badfish shatter! Some of these flavors haven't hit the menu yet. An awesome sampler pack for those of you that can't decide on just one. Get yours delivered today!

PureXtracts 10g pack PureXtracts 10g pack

A surprise 10g assortment of mixed mid-shelf flavors. Some of these flavors haven’t even hit the menu before! All packs come with 10 grams of wax. Have yours delivered today!

PureXtracts 5g Connoisseur Pack PureXtracts 5g Connoisseur Pack

A surprise assortment of mixed top shelf flavors. Some of these flavors haven’t even hit the menu before! All Connoisseur packs come with a mix of 5 grams of PureXtracts wax. Have yours delivered today!

PureXtracts Sour Diesel PureXtracts Sour Diesel
THC: 70.71 % CBD: 0.17 %
Decibel Strawberry Banana .5g Decibel Strawberry Banana .5g
THC: 87.30 %

Live Resin Shatter

PureXtracts Green Crack PureXtracts Green Crack
THC: 71.62 % CBD: 0.15 %


Absolute Xtracts Cartridge 4pack Absolute Xtracts Cartridge 4pack
THC: 500.00 mg
Purple Frost Genetics Satisfaction 625mg Purple Frost Genetics Satisfaction 625mg
THC: 18.70 %
Select Elite Tangie 500mg Select Elite Tangie 500mg
THC: 82.34 % CBD: 0.24 %
FlavRX Tropical Trainwreck 1000mg FlavRX Tropical Trainwreck 1000mg
THC: 60.00 %
Select Elite Trainwreck 1000mg Select Elite Trainwreck 1000mg
THC: 84.80 % CBD: 0.01 %
Select Elite Vanilla Kush 500mg Select Elite Vanilla Kush 500mg
THC: 82.52 % CBD: 0.01 %


Cannabis Chocolates Grand Slam 1000mg Cannabis Chocolates Grand Slam 1000mg
THC: 1000.00 mg
Lifted Blueberry Bites Lifted Blueberry Bites
THC: 100.00 mg

An antioxidant-rich blend of blueberries, cashews, papaya, cranberries and vanilla with a hazelnut topping. This tasty bite won 3rd place at the 2014 Emerald Cup!

Korova White Chocolate Pistachio Cookie Korova White Chocolate Pistachio Cookie
THC: 150.00 mg CBD: 1.80 mg
Korova 5150 Bar Korova 5150 Bar
THC: 500.00 mg CBD: 6.00 mg



Chronic Essentials High CBD Chronic Essentials High CBD
THC: 3.07 % CBD: 71.47 %

Chronic Essentials pure CO2 extracted oils are sun grown from organic cannabis flower using responsible, sustainable practices. All oils are fully6 decarboxylated for edible consumption. Simply add to any of your favorite foods, drinks, or consume alone. 

Chronic Essentials Sativa Chronic Essentials Sativa
THC: 75.91 % CBD: 0.45 % CBN: 0.75 %


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