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Strawberry Fields 1oz Strawberry Fields 1oz

This is great organic outdoor, the only reason the are priced to move is this strain isn't cosmetically perfect and we have alot of it. They are every bit as potent as many of the strains we carry currently. Strawberry FieldsStrawberry Cough crossed with an unknown indica plumb of eucalyptus wafting out of a hobbit holeEuphoricBalanced high that is both relaxing and aware 

Juicy Fruit Juicy Fruit

Also known as Jackfruit Afghan Indica/Thai Sativa cross Fruity and tangy taste Uplifting and and euphoric Smooth smoke

Whoopi & Maya Savor Cacao THC & CBD Whoopi & Maya Savor Cacao THC & CBD

Savor Cacao comes in two varieties - one that is CBD dominant and one that is THC Dominant - they each come in 2 and 4 oz jars.  The greenrush platform lists as weight "gram" "1/8oz" - just ignore that and charge yourself the right price from reading here:THC Savor2oz 50mg thc $134oz 100mg thc $20CBD Savor2oz 40mg cbd (2mg thc) $20 Cacao is a raw, natural superfood and is the highest antioxidant containing food on the planet. Packed with maganesium, iron, and other essential viatamins and mine...

Sour Diesel Sour Diesel
THC: 23.00 %

• 23% THC for a low low price • Organic  • Cottage farmer in Oakland  • Chemical and pesticide free  • Great taste and smell • Uplifted high • Small and Medium buds

Doc's OG Doc's OG

Bold and Earthy flavor with a spicy back end Strong facial high Gives a great body high Relaxing Aroma

Tangie OG Tangie OG

• Easy to light - good moisture level • Delicious tangerine taste rooted in the earth • Smooth intake • A tingly, twinkly high • No post-combustion carb tar buildup on joint or pipe 


House of Loud .5g Shatter House of Loud .5g Shatter
THC: 79.00 %

House of Loud makes potent great-tasting shatter for a price that won't put a dent in your wallet. Use with a dab rig/nail, a atomizer w/ battery aka vape pen or old fashioned just putting a little boost into your bowl or rollie. For more insights try doing a youtube search. The strains change often with this product, but we try to keep a sativa, indica and hybrid strain in stock at all times. If you want to know the strain just ask. PLEASE PUT CHOICE IN ORDER NOTESIndicaHybridSativa

House of Loud Nugg Run Shatter House of Loud Nugg Run Shatter
THC: 79.00 % CBD: 1.00 %

House of Loud's Nugg Run shatter are made from whole buds vs trim (typical for concentrates).House of Loud makes top quality, great-tasting shatter for a price that won't put a dent in your wallet. Right now our selections are 9# Hammer (Goo Berry x Hells OG x Jack the Ripper) and Purple Tangie - House of Loud's strains vary seasonally so just contact us if you're curious what's currently in stock. Otherwise just choose hybrid, sativa or indica from the menu here and we pick the strain according...

JMP Botanicals Crumble JMP Botanicals Crumble
THC: 78.00 %

NOTE: Strains vary seasonally: we keep an Indica, Hybrid and Sativa in stock at all times. Choose one of those and put it in the order notes. If you want to know the specific strains we have in stock right now communicate with us after you order. This is one whole gram of honey moist and fluffy crumble made by Oakland manufacturer JMP. It is hand rolled and baked. No chemical, plastic or metallic aftertaste - just fresh botanical straight from the plant. You can use this crumble in a joint,...

Sublime Gold Cartridges Sublime Gold Cartridges
THC: 70.00 % CBD: 1.00 %

Sublime Gold .5g cartridges Varieties (please put your choice in the order notes):    Tokyo - Sativa / Green Goddess    Rio - Sativa Hybrid / Sour Diesel    Malibu - Indica Hybrid / Cookies    Harlem - Indica / GDP Cosmic Courier Sez: Bay Area C02 oil manufacturer that does an impeccable job at creating a clean and smooth oil. What makes these carts exceptional is the complex terpene profile which is commited to replicating the natural mix within the strain. There's no fruit or sweet flavor h...

Spliffin Pure Cartridges  1 ml (1 gr) Spliffin Pure Cartridges 1 ml (1 gr)
THC: 70.00 %

+-70% THCSpliffin Pure 1 ml (1 gr) Lemon Haze80:20 sativa-dominant hybridFlavors: lemon, clove, rosemary, spicy, menthol, black pepperEffect: uplifting, euphoric, creative, socialIdeal for treating: depression, fatigue, anxiety, painTangieHybridFlavors: citrus rind, tangy, tropical, sweetEffect: uplifting, euphoric, relaxing, cerebralIdeal for treating: depression, stress, pain, and fatigueSpliffin OGIndicaFlavors: pine, lemon zest, floral undertonesEffect: relaxed...


Sublime RAW C02 cartridge Sublime RAW C02 cartridge
THC: 59.00 % CBD: 1.00 %

Available Varieties (Please put your choice in order notes)    El Fuego - Sativa / Lamb’s bread    Glow - Sativa Hybrid / Sour Diesel    Sundays - Indica Hybrid/ OG Kush    Melt - Indica / XXX OG From Sublime site:Cold, Raw, Bioactive We build our own CO2 extractors from scratch.  That means that we’ve tuned every aspect of our process to create a cold press, extra virgin, full spectrum oil that has a flavor profile that is true to flower.  Enjoy our most bioactive oil. Cosmic CourierThe more...

EVOD 3.7V Fixed Voltage Battery 900mah EVOD 3.7V Fixed Voltage Battery 900mah

This EVOD high capacity battery is for the all day hitter! Unlike pen batteries, one charge is sure to last you all day if not a few days. It's matte silver with a flat button and power enough to get a big puff of vapor out of most cartridges. All that for only 8 bucks!? whaaa?? The EVOD 3.7V Fixed Voltage Battery works great with any of our cartridges and for that matter any 510 thread cartridge (most cannabis cartridges).  Do have some cartridges lying around that stopped working? There's a...

Cartridge & Battery Bundle ($5 off) Cartridge & Battery Bundle ($5 off)

$5 off any cartridge and battery together. Don't forget to let us know what battery and brand/strain cartridge you want. Add in 'Notes' This bundle saves you $5 when you purchase one of our high quality batteries with any Cartridge. The prices here for either battery paired with a $35 cartridge (typical price for a .5g cart) however, you can  combine either battery with any cartridge we carry. Just let us know and we will knock $5 off your order! Two batteries to choose from: EVOD 3.7V Fixe...

Rove Premium Cartridges Rove Premium Cartridges
THC: 75.00 %

PLEASE PUT STRAIN CHOICE IN ORDER NOTESCosmic Courier is digging Rove. High quality oil and cartridge. Custom terpene blends. Some like OG have a natural cannabis taste, Maui Waui is more fruity. Exact descriptions of the strains are below.  Extracted from California grown flowers, Rove premium C02 oil is passed through a completely solvent-less purification process, removing waxes, chlorophyll, and other unwanted plant materials. Rove uses strict quality control standards to ensure a great tas...

Sublime CBD Cartridges Sublime CBD Cartridges
THC: 10.00 % CBD: 40.00 %

Sublime CBD cartridges have that same purity, potency and great taste you've come to expect from Sublime. 2 variteties [please put choice in order notes]: - High-C - Sleep Both have 40% CBDs and 10% THC. The only difference is the Sleep has 100mg melatonin - a natural sleep aid.

Oakland Oil Co Cartridges Oakland Oil Co Cartridges
THC: 80.00 % CBD: 45.00 %

Cosmic ReviewIf you liked Exquisite oils you will like Oakland Oil Co C02 products as they are made by the same people. Oakland Oil has advanced their extraction machines and techniques beyond what they did formerly. We tried the Dalai Lama NTACT oil. Same tough steel and glass cartridge as Exquisite that gives great hits and practically never clogs. The flowers were grown by Rebel. Tastes great. Took a few hits and about 15 minutes we felt the well-balanced full-spectrum high of a undistilled m...


Caligold Semi Dark Chocolate bars Caligold Semi Dark Chocolate bars

Please put choice in notes: OG Kush or Sour DieselWe are excited to carry these semi-dark chocolate bars made with OG Kush or Sour Diesel. 53% Cacao. 125mg THC for only $10! We get about 8 doses in one bar (everyone is different, start out with 1/2 a square). Tastes great too. 100% plant based ingredients (contains soy and may contain traces of nuts and milk). 

Caligold Dark Chocolate with Himalayan Pink Salt Caligold Dark Chocolate with Himalayan Pink Salt

Please put choice in notes: OG Kush or Sour DieselWe are excited to carry these dark chocolate bars with Himalayan salt, made with Sour Diesel or OG Kush. 70% Cacao. 125mg THC for only $10! We get about 8 doses in one bar (everyone is different, start out with 1/2 a square). Tastes great too. 100% plant based ingredients (contains soy and may contain traces of nuts and milk). 

Waska Cannabis Vegan & Gluten-Free Hemp Milk Waska Cannabis Vegan & Gluten-Free Hemp Milk

ORDER INSTRUCTIONS (Due to GreenRush Menu limitations):First choose which strength and flavor you want, select the correct price button (don't pay attention to the size - all these bottles are 4oz), then write the flavor choice in the order notes:$6 = 50mg THC Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla$12 = 150mg THC Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla$16 = High CBD 25mg CBD Black Cherry (only flavor)$20 = 300mg THC Cookies and Cream (only flavor) Cosmic Review This is our new favorite way to medicate. W...

Caligold CBD Isolate bar Caligold CBD Isolate bar

*photo shows a bar with 25mg CBD, this bar actually has 50mg CBD From Caligold Site: CBD Isolate Dark Chocolate bars This 70% chocolate bar contains CBD isolate.  There are no other cannabinoids present and is non-psycoative. Safety assured, ingredients have been tested for contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides molds and yeasts. Most People say that CBD is best used in combination with a  full spectrum cannabinoid product.  In other words you may want to add a little THC to your CBD.  ...

Caligold CBD 22:1 Caligold CBD 22:1

Caligold CBD 22:1- made with high CBD strain AC/DCThis bar is 22 parts CBD to 1 part THC Finding The Optimal Therapeutic Ratio Of THC And CBD by Dr. Malik Burnett THC and CBD: The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship Research on the benefits of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) in isolation is well established. THC demonstrates analgesic, anti-emetic, and anti-inflammatory properties, whereas CBD possesses anti-psychotic, anti-seizure, and anti-anxiety properties. Subjects rep...

Caligold Raw THCA Bar Caligold Raw THCA Bar

50mg THCAmedium sized bar, approximately 5 dosesnon-psychoactive, anti-inflammatory and pain reducerOur new THC-a bar contains only acidic cannabinoids, this is non heated cannabis and is not psychoactive.  Many CALIGOLD lovers have told us that this is our most effective anti-inflammatory and pain reducer.10mg should be a good base point dose for pain, however everybody is different.  Eat as much as you need for pain relief.Some say that adding CBD to THCA increase the effectiveness. This bar c...


Mixed Strain Prerolls Mixed Strain Prerolls

A mixture of all our strains made into a cone preroll with paper tip.  $8 each 

Single Strain Preroll Single Strain Preroll

Our top shelf bud made into a cone preroll with paper tip.   Add choice in 'Notes' :Any strain we carry or you can specify sativa, hybrid or indica.  1 FREE for first time customers OR $10 each 

Sublime Fuzzies Sublime Fuzzies

NOTE: Please put choice of Indica or Sativa in order notes. Thank you. Sublime's xtra large prerolls are made with top-shelf bud that is terpene enhanced, co2 wax infused & covered in kief. They are the world’s first terpene enhanced “LIVE JOINTS”. Choose sativa or indica. Glass and cork eco-friendly packaging. Approximately 1/2" at the widest point and 4" long.



ECTX9  BatteryThe X9 is a solid body metal cased battery. It is the highest capacity battery we carry. Capacity is how long the battery lasts. This battery is also very powerful at up to 4.1V at it's highest setting. This means more heat and more heat means bigger rips and better at powering bigger or clogged cartridges.Color: Silver, Gold, BlackKits includes:X9 Battery, User manual, Gift boxNOTE 5-click switch off/on mechanism: Click the button rapidly 5-times to set the battery to ON mode or t...


Whoopi & Maya Soak Cannabis Bath Whoopi & Maya Soak Cannabis Bath

There are 3 scents to choose from, PLEASE PUT CHOICE IN ORDER NOTES:LavenderAmberUnscentedMedical Cannabis THC bath soak deserves a category of its own. This soak is made from locally sourced, organically grown ingredients, coupled with pharmacological grade Epsom salts-full of minerals and micro-nutrients like magnesium, to help combat common mineral deficiencies. The aromatherapy of the essential oils help uplift the mind, and relax the body. These baths can replace taking sleep aids, anxiety...

Sprig Original and Zero Sugar Soda Sprig Original and Zero Sugar Soda
THC: 45.00 mg

Sprig is an extremely refreshing citrus sparkling drink infused with a premium THC extract.Sprig is a fresh clean lemon lime soda - we bet you couldn't tell the difference between Sprig and another lemon-lime soda. So if you aren't a fan of cannabis taste you will love it! Sprig has the perfect medicinal effect: an elating but manageable buzz. 45mg so you might want to share a can with a friend.Great as a mixer!Zero Sugar Sprig has the same great taste you know and love from Sprig Original, but...

Sublime Sneaker Battery Sublime Sneaker Battery

The Sneaker The world’s first chargerless vape pen There is nothing worse than having your vape pen when you’re out and don’t have a USB charger. The sneaker plugs directly into ANY usb and hooks onto your key chain so you’ll never be without power. Cosmic 2 cents At 3" in long these low profile batteries easy to fit into a pocket. Also very convenient since they don't require a charger. Also has hole for key chain or lanyard (to hang around your neck).   These batteries can be used with 99...

Oakland Oil Co Batteries Oakland Oil Co Batteries

This is a buttonless or "flow-through" battery that has variable voltage. The color of the light on the inhale indicates the voltage level. green=2.4v, blue=3.2v, purple=4.0v. By tapping the bottom of the battery you can change the voltage. Lower voltage burns your oil at a lower temperature which means better taste but a less of big puff or "rip". A higher setting can also help burn thru clogs and is also good for bigger 1gram cartridges. We have another variable voltage battery in our menu (Eg...

EVOD 3.7V Fixed Voltage Battery 650mah EVOD 3.7V Fixed Voltage Battery 650mah

At 650 mah capacity this EVOD battery is compact and long lasting! Unlike pen batteries, one charge will definitely last you all day. You'll get a big puff of vapor out of cartridges that require a little more power. Do have some cartridges lying around that stopped working? There's a good chance you just need a more powerful battery and this just might do the trick.We've carried the EVOD for a year now and tested it with many cartridges as well as carrying it with us all day. It is a durable an...

Vape Holders Vape Holders

Keep your vape protected, warm and ready to hit in these cute handmade vape holders!Have you ever broken a battery because you left the cartridge attached and thru it in the bottom of your bag or backpack? Prevent this tragedy with a protective holder. Put under or on top of your clothing. You can even tie it to something besides your neck. Open tie so you decide the length.All the colors are shown in the photo. Pick the color you want and put it in the order notes please. You can also say somet...

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