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Jungle Boys - Purple Punch Jungle Boys - Purple Punch

With purple, trichome-laced flowers and a flavor reminiscent of blue raspberry-infused grape soda, Purple Punch is truly a show stopper! Possessing an intense terpene profile dominant in beta-caryophyllene and myrcene, users are delivered a potent, yet soothing body high. Additonally, the high levels of limonene and beta-pinene work together to increase mental clarity and focus, a quality that makes Purpe Punch great for both day and nighttime use. Those seeking physical relief without mental le...

1/2 Oz $160
Jungle Boys - Sundae Driver #19 Jungle Boys - Sundae Driver #19

The genetics of this starin is Fruity Pebbles OG X Grape Pie, Indica dominant hybrid. The nugs look beautiful too with a nice dark green color and a hint of purple, which is always great when looking at an indica dominant, and it’s filled with trichomes. Instead of a pungent smell like most OG's, it has an extremely sweet, fruity, creamy scent, and smells like a smoothie! *Not included in the First-time Patient deal

1/2 Oz $160
DJ Short Blueberry DJ Short Blueberry
THC: 25.20 % CBD: 0.10 % CBN: 0.06 %
1 Gram $18
1/8 Oz $50
1/4 Oz $95
1/2 Oz $180
Oz $330
OG Kush OG Kush
THC: 17.50 %
1 Gram $13
1/8 Oz $35
1/4 Oz $65
1/2 Oz $125
Oz $230


PureGold™ THC Classic Squeeze Tube Dabber PureGold™ THC Classic Squeeze Tube Dabber

TetraLabs PureGold Squeeze Tubes are perfect for dabbing and refilling vape pens. They are made with the most highly refined concentrate available that contains approximately 75% THC and 95% total cannabinoids and a tiny percentage of Limonene.  They are packaged in a clear miniature 0.5g natural gelatin squeeze tube that dispenses single drops. Only TetraLabs make Squeeze Tube Dabbers because manufacturing them requires special equipment. You can't get them anywhere else. 

1/2 Gram $43
Strawberry Kush Cartridge Strawberry Kush Cartridge

Strawberry Kush by Honey Vape hits in the frequency of happiness and uplifting. Depending on your body chemistry the effects profile branches out in 2 directions from there. It may make you feel motivated or creative. Because of its great taste and flavor, patients tend to sip on this one a little more, so BE WARNED, Strawberry Kush by Honey Vape is powerful medicine. Overmedicating will lead to narcotic effects.

1/2 Gram $40
KPEN v2 Infusions - Sunset Tea KPEN v2 Infusions - Sunset Tea

Our newest KPEN unveils a revolutionary style and user experience while maintaining the portability and discreteness of its predecessor. Enjoy the soothing serenity of Sunset Tea. With hints of lovely lavender blossoms, white cucumber tea and summer rose, this OG blend immerses you in a floral tea paradise and relaxation. Sunset Tea is also a high-CBD strain, ideal for taking a siesta in a hammock, walking on the beach, or getting a good night's rest.

1/2 Gram $35
Lemon Cookies Cartridge Lemon Cookies Cartridge

Lemon Cookies by Honey Vape gives you a relaxing body high while at the same time delivering a happy mood lift, making this an excellent vape oil to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Lemon Cookies by Honey Vape can also facilitate enhanced awareness during exercise, yoga and meditation. Effects range from relaxing to happy, motivated and focused.

1/2 Gram $40
Grapefruit Kush Cartridge Grapefruit Kush Cartridge

30% Sativa / 70% Indica: Crossbreed of Bubba and Grapefruit. This strain will relax both mind and body. This is great for nighttime use because it numbs your body and makes you feel tired. It’s effective for patients with pains and aches, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

1/2 Gram $30



Brownie Brownie

The proof is in the brownies, and our brownies are oh so good! Awarded 1st place in "Best Edible" at the 2014 Kush Cup, the TKO Brownie is the perfect mix of sweet chocolate, chewy goodness, and a powerful dose of 200mg of THC.

Orange Awakening Mints 5mg Orange Awakening Mints 5mg

Got bad breath? Got pain? Got fatigue? No worries, because Dixie Elixir has got you with their Orange Awakening Mints. With an amazing blend of Siberian ginseng, ginkgo, matcha, orange oil, and a low dosage of extracted THC, each 5mg mint is refreshing, relaxing, and enhancing dose of well-being and freshness. Whether you've got to perk up, freshen your breath, or get a bit of mild relief, Dixie Elixir's Orange Awakening Mints do the trick!

Single unit $23
Peppermint Relaxing Mints 5mg Peppermint Relaxing Mints 5mg

Dixie Peppermint Relaxing Mints -5mg is great for on the go medicators, found in the form of a potent mint, that delivers strong mind and body effects that leave users in a state of relaxation and zen. Infused with peppermint oil, ashwagandha and with extracted THC, users are sure to enjoy the powerful contents delivered in every refreshing mint.

Single unit $23
Peanut Fudge Brownie, 500mg Peanut Fudge Brownie, 500mg

Rich fudge brownie swirled with peanut butter. Finished with dark chocolate ganache and peanut candy sprinkles.

Single unit $28
Mixed Berry, 15mg THC Mixed Berry, 15mg THC

Flurish presents Mixed Berry, a delicious mixed berry, cannabis infused chewable packing 15mg THC.

Single unit $5


Watermelon Pre-Roll Watermelon Pre-Roll

The presidential pre-roll is an immediate, long-lasting dosage of PRESIDENTIAL Rx hash-infused flower. At presidential, we take pride in our pre-rolls.They burn slow, hit cleanly and are rolled with a filter for the smoothest experience. For the patient on the go, our PRE ROLLS deliver every time.

Single unit $15
Grape Pre-Roll Grape Pre-Roll

The presidential pre-roll is an immediate, long-lasting dosage of PRESIDENTIAL Rx hash-infused flower. At presidential, we take pride in our pre-rolls.They burn slow, hit cleanly and are rolled with a filter for the smoothest experience. For the patient on the go, our PRE ROLLS deliver every time.

Single unit $15
Blunts 2.5 Blunts 2.5


Blunts 1.5G Blunts 1.5G


Private Reserve OG Blunt Private Reserve OG Blunt

Look like boss and feel like one, too, with Presidential RX’s Private Reserve OG Blunt. Made from Presidential RX top-shelf OG Kush flowers and rolled to perfection in a hemp CBD wrap, light up this bad boy and experience a cerebral euphoria that surpasses all else. 

Single unit $24


Wild Nectar Wild Nectar

Mjs Wild Nectars are a Low Dose Glycerin extracted J1 cannabis tincture. Tinctures infused with honey, natural syrups and agave to eliminate dry mouth instantly and freshen breath. 

CBD Pet Tincture CBD Pet Tincture

Canna Hemp Paws' CBD Pet Tincture offers all the benefits of cannabinoids for our favorite furry friends. Easy to give to your pet with food, this CBD tincture combines only CBD oil, hemp-seed oil, and MCT oil to ensure nothing but the most healing ingredients are enjoyed by your pet. Easy to dose with the included dropper, each CBD Pet Tincture contains 30 full servings per bottle.

Single unit $30
Inflammation Soother CBD Inflammation Soother CBD

Treats a number of inflammatory conditions and pain from inflammation: sprains, strains, swelling, back pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel, rheumatic joint diseases, gout, and tension headaches. Premier for inflammation in the digestive tract, which is widespread due to the modern lifestyle. Inflammation is at the root of most diseases making it an excellent companion to many of our other formulas. Certified organic alcohol, honey, filtered water, Cannabis, White Willow Bark, Meadowsweet, Jamaican D...

Single unit $50
Deep Sleep Deep Sleep

Promotes deep, restful sleep: For difficulty falling asleep, waking at undesired times, and fitful sleep. Certified organic alcohol, honey, filtered water, Cannabis, Passionflower, Hops, Skullcap, Lavender.   250 milligrams THC

Single unit $50


Xternal Mud Xternal Mud

Same benefits as the Xternal Rub (spray) while delivering better vacillation (widening of the blood vessel) resulting in deeper relief within the pores. Also diminishes post surgery scarring.

Xternal Rub (spray) Xternal Rub (spray)

Relieves discomfort and pain topically also impacting areas where inflammation occurs. Excellent for migraines, neuropathy, Arthritis, swelling, Carpal Tunnel and Tendinitis.

Xternal Roll on Topical Xternal Roll on Topical

Combination blend of Rub Spray and body cream. Perfect for skin irritations, body aches, and inflammation. Easy to use with roll on applicator.

Xternal Balm Xternal Balm

Reduces bruising and expedites wound repair. Uses a non-petroleum jelly, primarily consisting of beeswax. Also great for Vascular ulcers caused by Diabetes as well as wounds and post-surgery.

Xternal Bath Soak Xternal Bath Soak

Relieves all-over body discomfort. Great for Fibromyalgia patients whose cannabinoid receptors are "misfiring" throughout the body.


ROVE Battery + Charger ROVE Battery + Charger

Perfect for use on all Rove cartridges, comes with a USB charger.

Single unit $17
Formula 420 Glass Cleaner Formula 420 Glass Cleaner

Biodegradable Earth Friendly. Non-Toxic Patented Abrasive Action Cleaning Technology: Eliminates the Need for Soaking and Scrubbing

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