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Double Dream Double Dream

(we only sell 1/4 because buds are too bug for 1/8 containers) The sativa-dominant hybrid Double Dream puts a unique spin on the famed Blue Dream by crossing it with Dream Star. With a complex flavor profile that synchronizes sweet floral notes with berries and spice, Double Dream is a soothing and mentally invigorating strain that still allows clear-headed functionality. Its dreamy, euphoric buzz is anchored by a deep, physical relaxation that mutes pain, anxiety, stress, and inflammation. Pati...

F2 (AKA double dose) F2 (AKA double dose)

Do-si-dos back cross F2 by mid west best. The do-si-dos strain orginated from Archive seed bank collab with Nor_Cal's highly saught after OGKB cookies cross and face off OG

Strawberry Cough Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is a strain that holds true to its name. A sweet strawberry smell and subtle after taste is accompanied by a thick smoke that leaves even veteran tokers coughing. This strain is sativa dominant with an 80:20 sativa/indica ratio. Strawberry cough is said to be a cross between Erdbeer (sativa) and an unidentifiable indica. The sativa prevalence in this strain will lead you to a relaxed and uplifting head high. Patients often use this strain for alleviation of anxiety and stress. S...


Berry White Shatter Berry White Shatter

Berry white is an indica cross of Blueberry and White Widow, good for anxiety and stress providing a euphoric feeling.


Brass Knuckles - Cartridge Brass Knuckles - Cartridge

Available in:Tahoe OGSour DieselStrawberry CoughBanana OGGrape ApeBlueberrySFV OGCookiesGorilla GlueBlue DreamCandy AppleSkywalker OGTangieKush KolaPlease add choice in 'Notes' 

Absolute Xtracts - Candy Land Absolute Xtracts - Candy Land
THC: 68.20 % CBD: 1.06 % CBN: 0.43 %

Hybrid, Sativa-dominant Taste: Earthy & Sweet Patients turn to Candyland to relieve pain, muscle tension, and sour moods. Strong sativa genetics give Candyland uplifting and stimulating effects, making it a perfect strain for social gatherings or creative pastimes.


PLUS Sour Gummies PLUS Sour Gummies

Plus Gummies are all natural, dosable, discreet THC infused gummies. Each gummy is 10mg, but packs a serious sour punch. Plus Gummies come in a 200mg tin with five assorted flavors: sweet strawberry, juicy orange, lemon-lime, golden pineapple, and summer blueberry. Unlike many most candy edibles, Plus Gummies are made from scratch with all natural ingredients. They are are a jubilant sativa-heavy hybrid and 100% pesticide free.

Kiva - Terra - Blueberries (120mg) Kiva - Terra - Blueberries (120mg)

Kiva Terra bites are perfect for patients who want to try edibles. Each ball is 10 mg = 1dose. Eat one the first time you try an edibles. This will help gage your tolerance for edibles.

Sour Apple Gummies CBD 100mg Sour Apple Gummies CBD 100mg

To provide Pure Experience, Kanha Candies uses the highest quality CO2 extracted cannabis oils. TASTE THE BLISS HAND INFUSED MEDICATED GUMMIES THC Infused Flavors (Available in 100mg Bags) Remember the Joy and Playfulness found in Life’s Journey!

Kanha Candies - Rainbow Belts 400mg Kanha Candies - Rainbow Belts 400mg

Sunderstorm's delicious Kanha Candies offer a medicated experience in the form of Rainbow Belts. This best-seller has the sweetness of berries and the sour kick you love. Coated with sugar and infused with only the highest quality CO2-extracted organic cannabis oil, Kanha Candies’ Rainbow Belts remind you of the playfulness and joy to be found in life. Medicate without compromising your taste buds. Eight 50mg belts give you a power-packed 400mg bag.


Moonrock Preroll- Peaches & Cream Moonrock Preroll- Peaches & Cream

Dr. Zodiak's Peaches & Cream Moonrock starts with premium indica flower that is infused with high-grade Peaches & Cream CO2 solventless cannabis oil and then rolled in tasty, ultra-potent Sicdust. Dr. Zodiak's Peaches & Cream Moonrocks are thoroughly lab tested, containing 64% THC. With a taste reminiscent of freshly picked peaches, these Peaches & Cream Moonrocks by Dr. Zodiak are sure to please both body and mind.

Cherry Pie Pre-Roll Cherry Pie Pre-Roll

Cherry Pie buds have beautiful bursts of color mostly dark purple, forest green, and maroon. Come to expect really dense buds that are covered in trichomes in every batch. The structure of the buds are typically Indica looking, like little dense Christmas trees.The aroma of Cherry Pie is most similar to cherry, wood, and pepper spice. With a distinct cherry taste on the exhale, the smoke is extremely smooth, but will hit you like an iron fist. Completely smothered in resin, the trichome count se...


Korupt's Pineapple Moon Walk Syrup Korupt's Pineapple Moon Walk Syrup

Enhance your favorite drink with Korupt's Moon Walk Pineapple flavor medicated syrup. Bottle contains 4 1oz servings.


1:1 CBD/THC Topical Patch, 40mg 1:1 CBD/THC Topical Patch, 40mg

Pure Ratios proudly presents the first and only line of patent pending, 96 hour, topical reservoir patches. They are naturally pure, chemical and additive free. Our Topical Patches are: Hypoallergenic and Water Resistant Lab Tested Made with all natural ingredients No chemical enhancers or adhesive mixed in with reservoir formula 40mg dosage Round design with no corners to cause patch to peel off Last up to 96 hours 20mg CBD, 20mg THC Allows for a balanced ratio of CBD and THC; higher tolerance.

  Cannabinique | CBD Topical Gift Pack                        Cannabinique | CBD Topical Gift Pack

Moisturizing lotion, beauty tightening cream, and healing balm. The properties of pure Cannabidiol (CBD) Extract is so incredible that our formulations are created to work synergistically to deliver maximum benefit to your body. We stumbled on this oil after researching herbs and natural alternatives while my Father had an ongoing battle with Cancer. He had extremely dry skin and was consistently getting the pre cancer spots removed. He needed a hydrating lotion as well as something to support h...



Korupt's Grape Moon Walk Syrup Korupt's Grape Moon Walk Syrup

Enhance your favorite drink with Korupt's Moon Walk Grape flavor medicated syrup. Bottle contains 4 1oz servings.

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