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Black Cherry Pie 1/8oz Black Cherry Pie 1/8oz

Blackberry Kush and Cherry Pie are crossed, then N2O sealed to maintain the best quality possible. Straight from Couchlock, this strain gives them their namesake. Black Cherry Pie is a fruity strain with colorful foliage. This strain is the genetic offspring of Blackberry Kush and Cherry Pie. These genetics are exhibited in the deep purple hues overlaid by jade green buds with orange hairs, as well as in the pungent woody aroma smeared with tart blackberry. Black Cherry Pie’s physical effects so...

Korova 5150 Korova 5150
THC: 500.00 mg

Korova's famous Fifty-One-Fifty Bar is a potent blend of our award winning chocolate chip cookie baked on top of their Triple Chocolate Brownie. 500mg THC

Greenhouse Orange Tree - Smalls 1/8oz Greenhouse Orange Tree - Smalls 1/8oz
THC: 21.90 % CBD: 0.04 %

Greenhouse Also known as Kosher Tangie or 24k Gold, Orange Tree is a 60% indica-dominant hybrid that combines the legendary LA strain Kosher Kush with champion sativa Tangie to create something quite unique. Growing tall in its vegetative cycle and very stretchy in flower, this one will need an experienced hand when grown indoors. Most phenotypes will exhibit a sweet orange aroma from the Tangie along with the dark coloration of the Kosher Kush, and will offer a strong citrus flavor when smoked...

Korova Black Bar Korova Black Bar
THC: 1000.00 mg

Korova's most potent product. The Black Bar contains double the chocolate and double the potency, a full 1,000mg THC. 

Nectars 710 Crumble Nectars 710 Crumble

Crumble is a wax consistency containing the strongest levels of THC in our product lines. A balanced concentrate with a distinguished terpene profile. These platinum blonde, honey and almond colored crumbles contain strong levels of THC balanced with high terpene profiles. Pure Kush Blackberry Kush

hmbldt Dose Pens (make selection in comments) hmbldt Dose Pens (make selection in comments)
THC: 450.00 mg

The pre-filled hmbldt dose pen™ offers over 200 doses (2.25mg per dose) and ensures a precise dose every time. The hmbldt dose pen is recyclable delivery hardware with over 200 doses. A single dose delivers 2.25MG of our formula. The user is notified when a dosage is complete by a slight vibration.  Our hmbldt dose pen uses recyclable material. Patients are encouraged to return a used hmbldt dose pen at their collective with a $5 discount on their next hmbldt dose pen purchased the day of retu...

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