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Not So Virgin Olive Oil 500mg Not So Virgin Olive Oil 500mg

Local and artisanal first-press olive oil infused with whole-plant cannabis extract. Great for the home cannabis chef. Vegan, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, All-Natural. Ingredients: Organic, Cold-Pressed Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Potency: 500mg THC | 25mg CBD per Bottle

Banana Berry Shatter Banana Berry Shatter

Load up on fresh fruit with West Coast Cure's Banana Berry Shatter. Mixing Strawberry Banana with Blueberry, this Sativa-dominant Hybrid offers a sugary sweet flavor that motivates you to go out and get stuff done.

1/2 gram Ultra Jack Cured Joint 1/2 gram Ultra Jack Cured Joint

West Coast Cure's Ultra Jack Cured Joints are made from the best quality strain-specific buds currently available. Sativa-dominant, Ultra Jack is effective in treating depression, anxiety, stress and migraines with its power-packed potency and smooth, sweet smell. This strain is a perfect treat for a morning medicating session. Available in .5g and 1g

CBD PomegranateBlueberryAa Cannabis QuencherSips CBD PomegranateBlueberryAa Cannabis QuencherSips

Three of the most powerful antioxidant fruits paired with the ultimate superfood makes for our newest nutrient-rich addition. This non-psychoactive CBD dominant blend contains just enough trace THC to synergistically enhance your CBD wellness experience. Confidently sip the entire bottle without the psychoactive effects of THC. Do something good for yourself and enjoy this nutritional powerhouse over ice. CBD Content = 10mg THC Content = 1mg Ingredients: Purified Water, Sugar, Organic Pomegrana...

Bare Farms Banana Split Bare Farms Banana Split

Bare Farms Banana Split is a well-balanced Hybrid (Banana Kush x Guerilla Glue) that packs a powerful potency in the form a unique orginal flavor. Many flower enthusiasts will love the light texture of the buds and sprinkle of frost and trichomes. Smokes very smoothly and delivers an exceptional high.

French Aloha French Aloha

Paris OG's French Aloha is the strong cerebral head buzz that provides lots of laughter. A descendant of the Pakalolo strain, this Sativa sends you on a semi-psychedelic head trip that keeps you smiling and laughing.

Spacewalker OG Spacewalker OG

Paris OG’s Spacewalker OG is the out of this world flower you need to blast your brain into gear! When OG Kush and Skywalker OG are bred together they make this Indica that abducts your cortex into cerebral pleasure. Skunky lemon scents waft off the buds, perfectly complementing the sour lemon and citrus flavors when smoking. Long lasting head buzzes drop your moods into happy town, providing euphoric experiences accompanied with full-bodied relaxation for hours and hours on end.

Hardcore OG Hardcore OG

Hardcore OG by Paris OG is an indica dominant cross that unites the genetics of Big Bud and DJ Short Blueberry to supremely potent results. This strain's dense and frosty buds make it an ideal choice for concentrates while its flowers produce a deliciously piney, lemon pepper flavor.


Paris OG Louis XIII OG is the royal flower that will dominate your dreams. An Indica strain with OG Kush in its heritage, this beautiful flower completely rules your senses like the monarch it is. These pungent buds release skunky lemon scents that quickly fill the room, pleasantly stinging your nostrils. The taste reminds a bit of skunk, but it’s true sour and tart lemon flavors will make you salivate like crazy. Expect hard hitting body buzzes that wash over you almost immediately. Definitely...

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